Client: Private
Location: Lozenetz District, Sofia
Year: 2020

The dwelling is a luxurious apartment in a new residential building in the prestigious district of Lozenets. We had begun working on the project in 2017 while the building was still being constructed. As early as this stage the floor plans had been changed a few times.

  • Swapping the two bedrooms – the master`s bedroom and the one for the children
  • Adding a walk-in wardrobe in the children`s bedroom
  • Removing the dressing room in the other bedroom due to not having enough area in the initial plans for the bedroom and all the space being under the low ceiling slopes
  • Moving the laundry room to the bathroom area thus allowing to have two separate  bathrooms instead of just a bathroom and a toilet as planned at first
  • The layout of the living room is also entirely remodeled although the position and the volumes remain unchanged
  • Changing the electrical and plumbing installation according to the new layout of the floor plans

The modern style of the apartment is combining some industrial elements, neutral tones and a few colorful accents.