Client: Office space
Location: Sofia, Reduta District
Year: 2020

The project is an office space with an area of ​​280 sq.m. in a multi-functional building in a prestigious Sofia district. The project of BondArt Studio is:

  • An entirely new distribution and preservation of office;
  • New HVAC heating with heat pump and underfloor heating;
  • Entirely nwe electrical and plumbing installation corresponding to the new distribution of the office; the electrical installation is completely redesigned;
  • New custom furnitures from and selection of decorations from the Genesis store;
  • Paintings designed by BondArt Studio;
  • The style of the office is modern with boho elements and the freshness of the decorative mosses. The main idea of the project is to create comfort and warmth in the office, make it feels like home without breaking the rules of office spaces.