Location: Sofia, Zone B-5
Year: 2021

Bondart Studio’s work on this project is the second transformation of this home.  Some years ago the 60 square meters apartment was transformed into a one-room studio. This latest modification of the apartment is into a small two-bedroom apartment. To satisfy the needs of the owners, our Studio separated a small kids room. The work of the studio on the new distribution includes:

  • Separation of a children’s room on the site of the existing kitchen area;
  • A kitchen area is situated on the site of the existing projection wall;
  • All rooms are separated and closed with doors;
  • Changes in the electrical and plumbing installation corresponding to the new distribution are also envisaged.

The style of the home is modern with light industrial elements, neutral tones combined with light accents. Part of the lighting is also designed of Studio Bondart – HERE.