Bakery Bread box, Lozenets

Client: Bread box Location: Sofia, Lozenets Year: 2020 This bakery project was an interesting challenge for out team. The client wanted as comfortable and functional floor planning as possible combined with a cosy and modern interior. At the same time the needed investment for renovation shouldn`t  have been too great as the [...]

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Office, Vitosha Residence

Client: Private Location: Sofia, Vitosha Residence Year: 2021 The project is an office in new residential building in Sofia. The owners wanted to have modern, stylish and fresh interior. Within reasonable budget our studio menaged to create office environment that makes the workers feel satisfied there. Part of the furniture of their [...]

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Small Two-bedroom Apartment, Sofia

Location: Sofia, Zone B-5 Year: 2021 Bondart Studio's work on this project is the second transformation of this home.  Some years ago the 60 square meters apartment was transformed into a one-room studio. This latest modification of the apartment is into a small two-bedroom apartment. To satisfy the needs of the owners, [...]

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Two-bedroom Apartment, Sofia NDK

Client: Private Location: Sofia, Center Year: 2021 The project is a complete transformation of an apartment in an old residential building in the center of Sofia. The work on the site lasts almost a year. It concerns some changes in distribution of rooms, but not affecting structural elements. The electrical and plumbing [...]

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Office, Reduta District, Sofia

Client: Office space Location: Sofia, Reduta District Year: 2020 The project is an office space with an area of ​​280 sq.m. in a multi-functional building in a prestigious Sofia district. The project of BondArt Studio is: An entirely new distribution and preservation of office; New HVAC heating with heat pump and underfloor [...]

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Тwo-bedroom Apartment – 2, Lozenetz District, Sofia

Client: Private Location: Lozenetz District, Sofia Year: 2020 The dwelling is a luxurious apartment in a new residential building in the prestigious district of Lozenets. We had begun working on the project in 2017 while the building was still being constructed. As early as this stage the floor plans had been changed [...]

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Client: Private Location: Sofia, Lozenets District Year: 2018 The apartment is a luxurious, spacious apartment in an old brick building in a prestigious Sofia quarter. The original concept of the owners is to rent out the apartment after a major renovation. However, neither the cost nor the design is prioritized at the [...]

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Hotel Viko

Client: Hotel Viko Location: Sofia, Zdrave Str. Year: 2017 Website: We present to you a boutique hotel in the central and most communicative part of Sofia. The hotel has 23 designer and luxuriously furnished apartments in several different styles. All apartments are equipped with luxury bathrooms and high-end furnishings. The installations [...]

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Тhree-bedroom Apartment, Motopista District, Sofia

Client: Private Location: Motopista District, Sofia Year: 2017 We present to you a spacious three-bedroom apartment in a new residential building in Motopista quarter, 130sq.m. The project includes a complete interior design, modification of parts of the installations, light functional alterations. All this brings us to a modern, bright and stylish look [...]

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One Bedroom Apartment, Lozenetz District, Sofia

Ckient: Private Location: Lozenetz District, Sofia Year: 2018 We present a one-bedroom apartment with approximate area of 70sq.m., located on the ground floor in a central quarter of Sofia, accompanied by a small green courtyard set apart only for the apartment. The design elements are in unison with the functionality that our [...]

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