Three-bedroom Apartment, Manastirski Livadi District

Client: Private Location: Manastirski Livadi District, Sofia Year: 2018 We present to you a spacious three-bedroom apartment in a new residential building in Manastirski Livadi quarter, 130 sq.m. The project includes a complete interior solution, modification of part of the installations, light functional alterations. All this brings us to a single light [...]

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Client: "Liuben Karavelov" High School Location: Vidin City, Bulgaria Year: 2012 Renewal of construction documents and a project for renovation of the building. Land area of 16 003 sq.m.; total building area of 9452,5 sq.m. After the inspection, construction documents were prepared and renewed. On their basis a project for roof repair, [...]

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Оne Bedroom Apartment, Goce Delchev District, Sofia

Клиент: Частен Местоположение: София, кв.Гоце Делчев Година: 2019 We present an artistic one-bedroom apartment with an approximate area of 70sq.m. The style of the home is industrial, but without forgetting one of its main functions  - coziness.

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Reception, Hotel Sevastopol, Ruse

Client: Hotel Sevastopol Location: Ruse, Bulgaria Year: 2018 We present to you a project for the Reception of the Sevastopol Hotel located in the town of Rousse. The project presents a complete concept for functional distribution, design, as well as a complete detailed project for the implementation of the individual zones. The [...]

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Restaurant, HOTEL SEVASOPOL, Ruse, Bulgaria

Client: SEVASTOPOL HOTEL Location: Ruse Year: 2018 We present to you a project for the restaurant in Hotel Sevasopol, Rousse. The project presents a complete concept for functional distribution, design, as well as a complete detailed project for the implementation of a two-story restaurant. The facility can function both together and separately [...]

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Two Apartments for Booking, Center, Sofia

Client: Private Location: Center, Sofia Year: 2019 The project is a reconstruction of a spacious two-bedroom apartment in an old building meters away from Vitosha Blvd. After the conversion, two one-bedroom apartments are equipped with everything needed for short-term renting. The two homes are different in style and feel. The project of [...]

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Spacious One-bedroom Apartment with great view, Sofia, Bulgaria

Client: Private Location: Mladost, Bulgaria Year: 2019 We present to you a challenging project - one-bedroom apartment of 300 sq.m. The purpose of the home is to preserve the feeling of space and light, to achieve comfortable and luxurious habitation of the owners, without unnecessary accents. In progress… [...]

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Two bedroom apartment – Lagera District, Sofia, Bulgaria

Client: Private Location: Lagera District, Sofia Year: 2017 The apartment is intended for a young couple expecting their first child. The desire of the residents is their first family home to be modern, equipped with all the necessary amenities, but also cozy. The design elements are in sync with the function that [...]

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Тwo-bedroom Apartment, Yavorov District, Sofia

Client: Private Location: Yavorov District, Sofia Year: 2015 The project involves the reconstruction and interior design of a two-bedroom apartment in a central quarter of Sofia. The basic concept of the project was to create a cozy space with a light vintage taste without keeping up with the current trends. We have [...]

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Two-bedroom Apartment, Lozenets District, Sofia

Client: Private Location Lozenets District, Sofia Year: 2015 We present you with one of our favorite interior projects completed in 2015. The project is a complete remodeling and alteration of all main functions of the premises - utilizing a part of the terrace and adjoining it to the otherwise small bathroom, moving [...]

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